Prescription Savings

When used smartly, some of the online pharmacies can help people save lots of money, sometimes ranging from a few hundred dollars a month to thousands of dollars a year. Some of these online sites provide medicines without a prescription but the internet is also full of fake & profit minting sites that don’t care about the health & welfare of their customers which can prove to be the root cause of many problems in the patients.

Through our audit & evaluation programs, we help our users by monitoring a list of valid online website pharmacies that are committed in providing their customers with healthy products & medicines. In our comparison site, a person can compare the star ratings & happy customer counts for quality medicines sourced from valid online pharmacies that meet all the safety standards and validation criteria. Through this, customers can make an online purchase of trustworthy medicines without much hassle about quality or pricing.

When you buy your necessary health medicines from a duly certified online pharmacy, it doesn’t even requires a prescription form and it can also help you save money on your purchase of safe and effective medicines while a dishonest online pharmacy can sell you counterfeit, adulterated or poor quality drugs. Such wrongly conducted online pharmacies sell medicinal drugs without providing you with a proper dosage leaflet thus misguiding your prescription. This can prove to be fatal in the people using them and we strongly recommend our visitors to avoid purchases from such sites who haven’t got experts to write a prescription for their users.

Sometimes it is seen that health medicines are priced at a higher scale for some brand names for which prices in American pharmacies are much higher than pharmacies in other places; while generic drugs are available on online websites at much lower prices due to availability of discount coupons.

There are certain laws that are applied to prohibit the customers from importing a safe & generic drugs for personal use but it is important to know that people in the United States cannot be sued for it which means you can still receive your medicinal needs by post.

It is our best motive to provide our users with useful information on our analysis pages that may help them in procuring healthy drugs and protect them from fraudulent online pharmacies.