What is Hydrocodone10325mg.com?

Hydrocodone10325mg.com is an online website dealing with verification of quality & drug pricing in various online pharmacies that sell medicines to meet the individual health needs of customers. We are not a pharmacy and we do not sell medicines. We just recommend legit pharmacies that are fully approved by FDA.

We attract a number of visitors on our site who want to check out the ratings & happy customer counts provided for different online pharmacies before they visit the site of their choice for ordering medicines. We were formed in 2007 with the initial directive of providing Americans an open portal for comparing online pharmacies selling affordable prescription medicines.

We are a free of cost, independent, user friendly website that verifies domestic and international online pharmacies as well as compares their star ratings and happy customer counts specifically for U.S. consumers. We also offer a sneak peek at available prescription discount cards with these sites.

How does Hydrocodone10325mg.com verifies the safety of featured online pharmacies?

Hydrocodone10325mg.com has a systematic Evaluation Program in which we go through the credentials and practices of all the featured online pharmacies. Some of the major criteria under which all online pharmacies are tested & verified are:

  • Pharmacy licensing check with appropriate pharmacy board & licensing authorities.
  • FDA licensing for controlled substances for online pharmacies
  • Priority is given to those sites that provide experts for writing prescription dosage.
  • Privacy policies that affirm that a consumer’s information will not be shared with third parties.
  • Verify that Financial and personal information of the users are secure with all the featured sites.
  • Verify that contact information, email address & phone number provided on website is genuine.
  • Qualitative Inspection of contents from all the criteria of medications sold through the featured websites.

Is there a cost to use the Hydrocodone10325mg.com site?

No, this is a free of cost website. Hydrocodone10325mg.com provides completely free service. We are intended at providing customers with information that can help them in making safe and affordable health decisions.

Why does Hydrocodone10325mg.com claims that people do not require a doctor's prescription for buying medicines from online pharmacy sites listed on its pages?

Since our establishment in 2007, the primary mission and business practice of our company has been in promoting & providing safer portals for American consumers to get affordable medicines from valid & certified online pharmacies.

In the validation process of all the online pharmacies featured on our website, we not only go through their licensing records & FDA approval of their products but we also check for the quality & effect of the products provided by them. In our highly functioning laboratories, we go through all of the contents of the products sold through these online pharmacies, if any discrepancy is found, it is duly notified with the original team for rework & improvement.

We promote the tagline that sites managed on our pages do not need a doctor’s prescription for buying medicines from these online pharmacies since all the contents are thoroughly watched and all the online pharmacies recognized by us have an efficient support staff of expert doctors who can write proper prescription for all the customers buying medicines with them, thus saving them valuable time wasted on waiting for a doctor’s prescription.

How much can a customer save by purchasing prescription drugs online?

Consumers can save up to 90 percent on what they pay at a local pharmacy, not only on the shipping costs but also through promotional discount coupons on these online pharmacies. All these discounts are available with no compromises on the quality of the products. The online pharmacies work with bulk processing units to lower down the cost of medications.

This savings can go around a few hundred dollars on the monthly bill to thousands of dollars per year. For customers it could mean a big difference between getting a medication from a regular pharmacy site with a doctor’s prescription and getting their drugs online without prescription & at lesser prices, given that the quality of these drugs is not compromised in any way.

The quality side of the medicines is verified through our comparison site in order to provide everyone with an opportunity and choice to purchase more affordable medication from licensed pharmacies.

Is it legal to order prescription drugs online?

There is no law in America that states against buying medicines from online pharmacies. As a resident of U.S., it is completely legal and within the rights of a person to buy medicines from online websites. They must take care of the fact that they don’t involve themselves with any low qualified or scam pharmacies. That’s the reason we analyze & enlist only those online pharmacies that fall within the legal & qualified criteria.

What is an online pharmacy?

All the websites that deal with marketing and selling prescription medicines on the internet are categorized as online pharmacies. Mostly these online pharmacies are intermediates and partners with manufacturing units of generic medicines. In this working model, whenever an order is placed online, it is shared with the manufacturing units including information about the specific requirements & quantity details, then the medications are packaged as such & transferred over to the shipping centers who pass it over to the courier companies dealing with the handling of these products until they are delivered to the doorstep of the consumers. Hydrocodone10325mg.com verifies the working & licensing of all the online pharmacies that are listed through their Verification Program.

Which ones are labeled as rogue online pharmacies?

There is a bunch of online pharmacies that intentionally sell fake or adulterated as well as unregulated medicines that are prepared without any secure processing or testing of contents. Prescription drugs can prove to be addictive & complicated for health issues. That’s why safe online pharmacies provide their customers with a proper prescription & dosage leaflet to make it easy for their users to understand & utilize all the necessary measures for a healthy & safe recovery of the patients.

All the online pharmacies are only valid if they sell the products certified by Food & Drug Administration (FDA) which is the legal authority of certification for prescription medicines among other things. Our comparison website Hydrocodone10325mg.com is designed as such to assist customers in deciding on the best online sites to purchase their medications from thus protecting them against such illegal & fake pharmacies and also cutting down the confusions that arise from some of the misleading sites that lower the possibility of easy access to affordable, safe and effective medicines for the users.

How important is it for Americans to have easy access to low cost medicines from online pharmacies?

In 2017, more than 65 million Americans could not get easy access to prescription drugs due to the high pricing. Non access to necessary drugs means more people falling sick & disease prone which is never good for a country overall. Through our website we put in our share of effort to bring forward all the valid resources of online pharmacies that can help people in affording their medicines.

Does Hydrocodone10325mg.com ever validates any dangerous, illegal or rogue pharmacies?

No. We can clearly state here that our website Hydrocodone10325mg.com never identifies and displays any illegal or rogue online pharmacy that doesn’t meets with our safety & quality standards.