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What is Clonazepam?

The medicine belongs to a class of medication known as benzodiazepine. It is sold under the brand name Klonopin. The medicine is used for the treatment of epileptic seizures. The drug is also used to treat akathisia. The medicine relaxes the brain and enhances the effects of certain chemicals inside the brain. It acts as a tranquilizer which induces sleep in the patients struggling with insomnia. The patients can buy Clonazepam online without prescription from our trusted pharmacy.


This drug is effective if used for a short period of time, but can produce number of side effects if used for a long period of time. The physician prescribes this drug mostly for two weeks for this drug will not be as effective as it was after that period. One should never ever start/stop/continue/discontinue the dosage of any pill on one’s own. Do not change/alter/modify the natural structure of the medicine. Take the medicine exactly as directed by the physician. Follow all the instructions stated on the instruction leaflet. Swallow the pill in one go with or without the help of apple sauce, if necessary. The physician may, from time to time, increase/decrease the dose of the drug. For effective treatment buy Clonazepam online in the USA and be sure to get cured of disease.

The drug should not be used with people who have a record of drug abuse and should be, at all times, treated as a potential agent that can cause serious harm. The medicine can form a habit in patients and struck them with withdrawal symptoms. Women on pre and post natal care should avoid using this medicine to treat seizure. Under all circumstances, women on breastfeed should avoid using this medicine.

The drug is a recreational drug and should not be taken only for the use as stated.
The drug is recommended first for its effectiveness, but is not suitable for the long term treatment of epileptic seizures because of the development of tolerance to anticonvulsants.

Some of the adverse effects associated with the medicine:

Some of the adverse effects are sedation, psychomotor retardation, confusion, irritability and aggression, psychomotor agitaion, lack of motivation, loss of libido, impaired coordination, impaired balance, dizziness, hallucinations, short-term memory loss, anterograde amnesia, dysphoria, thrombocytopenia, personality changes, behavioural disturbances, ataxia, induction of seizures, psychosis, incontinence, liver damage, depression, sexual dysfunction, and disinhibition.

This drug may induce drowsiness and harm the ability to drive or operate heavy machinery and the effect is increased if the patient is on a consumption of alcohol. Therefore alcohol should be avoided if one is on the dosage of this medicine.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms include tremors, anxiety, irritablility, insomnia, seizures.

The overdose of the medicine can result in the patient having mental confusion, nausea, difficulty staying awake, dizziness, impaired balance, impaired reflexes, impaired coordination, low blood pressure, respiratory depression, and coma.
Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should take speical precautions before going on the dosage of this drug. These are some of the effects that you should remember before buy Clonazepam online.


The drug should be stored away from direct sunlight, and heat. Keep the drug away from the reach of children, pets, and potential drug abusers. It is advised to read the prescription leaflet carefully. The leaflet may have some information regarding storage. Keep the medicine in its original container only. So, buy Clonazepam online and store this medicine as recommended.

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